Dorothy Linder Elementary School

About Linder


Welome! ¡Bienvenidos! ကြိုဆိုပါတယ်! Murakaza neza!


Linder Campus

Linder Elementary School is a united campus community dedicated to the mission of excellence. We recognize the individual needs and multicultural backgrounds of all our students. Several programs provide a challenging, enriching, and accelerated curriculum. Our students are nurtured and motivated to become life-long learners. Our excellent and cohesive staff develops important competencies through its planned and aligned campus annual plans.

Our GT students are challenged with research-oriented meaningful projects. Music, art, choir and electives are offered. A career path and guidance program assists our students to identify needs and strengths and develop interests. Advanced placement testing is available. A multi-age program provides students with opportunities to advance in two-grade level instructional group settings.

Parents are partners in our children's education. Weekly parent workshops extend learning and support to families. Annual Community outreach programs and community building events develop collaboration with our parents. Our parents are strong supporters and proud to have their children at Linder. We are truly a family of supportive learners.

Below is a map to our campus:

Linder Google Map