Dorothy Linder Elementary School

#BEKIND21 at Linder Elementary

Linder Students

(9/2018) It takes 21 days to form a habit. This month of September we are practicing acts of kindness. From Spetember 10 until September 30 Linder students are practicing 21 ways to be kind. Whether showing kindness to their peers, their teachers, their friends, or themselves, we are practicing kindness in order to develop empathetic students. Students are excited to practice something different on a daily basis.

Our students have been writing notes to friends, practicing saying "Please" and "Thank You," and helping to clean the classroom. We also understand that kindness should extend to the home. We are practicing such things as volunteering to do a chore and helping to clean up your bedroom. Studens have also to be aware of themselves. We are practicing being kind to ourselves by eating a healthy snack, thinking about things that you love about yourself, and giving yourself hug. Classroom climate improves greatly when we explicitly teach and practice these acts of kindness. 

#KINDNESS21 Schedule